About Mama Peach

A little snippet of Mama Peach. This name has derived from my daughter Chelsie aka Fit Peach

I have always had a passion for crafts especially sewing. Many years ago I had the luxury of my own workshop at home making curtains and blinds until the effects of the stretching and bending caused a slipped disc so I sadly had to draw the curtains (excuse the pun).

The sewing machine gets tucked away and appears every now and again when I find the time or have an idea that I must manifest. 

How did Mama Peach come about? During this current lockdown I saw a request for volunteers to make scrubs, scrub caps and bags for the NHS and community nurses. Perfect, so out came the machine and off I went. This then led to me also making care packages for friends and family including face coverings which I could foresee would become a useful protector. 

With my desire for quality, my need for perfection and my passion for sewing I am loving crafting these beautiful face coverings. There are many beautiful designs for all the family. Please tell me what you are looking for and I will do my best to assist. 

Lets hope this project won’t be required for long. This period in history has taught me how precious time is and if you can’t spend it with loved ones, spend it doing what you love and to help those you love.