Care of your Face Covering

Government guidelines now advise use of masks in certain situations.
Although these are not medical grade they still provide some protection and most importantly will help protect others if used correctly. Cloth masks can help some people reduce their anxiety of being in public and can also help in some way to stop the spread of your own coughs and sneezes. Masks are not for under 2s or people with breathing difficulties. Children should never be left unsupervised with a mask and they are intended for occasional use in line with government advice.
Your mask is made from three layers consisting of two cotton layers and one non woven interfacing which acts as a type of filter. It is washable and although it is clean when leaving us, it MUST be washed once received before use. After using your mask, simply wash your mask as you would in usual detergent in your washing machine, shape while wet, hang to dry and store in a clean place ready for its next use. Some people find it handy to have two masks so that one can be ready whilst the other is being washed. Once your clean mask is on avoid touching the fabric area until you are ready for it to be carefully removed and washed.
The best way to take off your mask...
1. Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser
2. Dont touch the front of your face covering
3. Carefully remove the face covering by grasping the ear loops
4. Fold the face covering and put directly into the laundry.

We offer two styles of face covering, one for occasional use like shopping and travelling and one called work wear for longer use which has the addition of adjustable ear ties and nose wire for a better more comfortable fit. The nose wire also helps if you wear glasses to help prevent the glasses from steaming. Do not bend the wire once shaped as this can cause it to break.
If you have any comments or suggestions regarding your face covering, please let us know as we are new to making these supplies and would like to make them as comfortable and safe as possible.
Please remember that even though a face covering is worn you must also abide by any recommended social distancing rules in place.
Many thanks for your purchase